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Knitting Tips: What You Can Do with Knitted Swatches -- Part 2

Last week I discussed ways to use your knitting swatches to make an afghan and also shared some suggestions for using the swatches to make various types of bags. This week we will look at some other uses for knitting swatches.

Remember, the most important thing to do with your swatches is to save them as a history of your knitting and refer to them each time you start a new project. To keep vital information attached to your swatches, you will find it helpful to use the KnittingGuru Knitting Swatch Cards. Even if you choose to make things with your swatches, be sure to save some of the yarn and hopefully a photo of the finished project, attached to your Knitting Swatch Cards. I have said this before, but it bears repeating -- Your swatches are an important part of your history.

IIn Part 2 of What You Can Do with Knitted Swatches you will find ideas for More Uses for Swatches such as hats, scarves, shoulder pads, patch pockets, potholders or dish cloths, hot pads, pincushions, throw pillows, and a retro-look vest.

Now that you have read about many bags as well as other uses for knitted swatches, I hope your creative juices are flowing. All of these swatch uses are dependent on knitted squares. Feel free to use these ideas for squares, but keep your swatches in your collection. I'm offering these as swatch uses only because I know how overcrowded your knitting room, if you even have one, can become. We all know that most knitters are hoarders and hate to part with even a yard of yarn!

Next week we will discuss Casting on and Binding Off Loosely. Please check back every week for more helpful Knitting Tips from the Guru.