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Knitting Tip: Bigger Better Bobbles

In order to make this technique clear I have included many photos. I have tried to make them large enough to show details, but small enough that it won't take a week for them to download. Please be patient as this page loads and be sure to scroll down to the end in order to see the whole technique and the finished bobbles.

If you follow the pictures and descriptions with yarn and needles in hand and just work along, I'm sure you will be able to master this technique right away. Remember, if you do have any questons, you may email me and I'll get back to you.

Definiton: A bobble is a 3-dimentional technique in knitting (or crochet) where you work multiple stitches into one stitch, sometimes knitting several rows on these increased stitches and then decreasing back to one stitch.

Step 1: Knit into the stitch where you want the bobble.

Step 2: The stitch is knit but remains on the left needle. The yarn is in back and you will now knit into the back loop on the left needle, then the front loop and repeat until you have knit 5 stitches into the bobble.

Step 3: This photo shows the 5 stitches knit into the bobble and removed from the left needle.

Step 4: Turn work and purl back over the 5 bobble stitches.

Step 5: The 5 bobble stitches have been purled.

Step 6: Turn work again and knit the 5 bobble stitches.

Step 7: Turn work again and purl the 5 bobble stitches.

Step 8: Now the 5 bobble stitches have been knit again.

Step 9: Place left needle into the second from last stitch in bobble on right needle. Lift the stitch over the last stitch in the bobble and drop it off the needle.

Step 10: Now lift the third stitch over the last stitch in the bobble.

Step 11: The bobble is now back to one stitch -- the other 4 stitches have been removed.

Step 12: Here is your Bigger Better Bobble!

Step 13: Finally, here is a Smaller Better Bobble. Fewer rows have been knit and purled back. This is an effective and defined looking bobble, but not as big as the first one. It's your decision how big you want your bobble to be.

I hope you have enjoyed making bobbles together and that you'll feel confident making them in the future.

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